Match Report
Guildford Grammar School 1st XI vs  Hale School, Perth
On: Thursday, 31 May 2018
Venue: at Home

The mid week clash against Hale provided a lot of goals bad sadly not many qualities that I know we have from the team wearing Blue. Once again we were in the game at half time after converting a penalty taking us 2-1 down into the break. Bad sadly we went hiding when the going got a little bit tough and we went flat eventually loosing 5-2 after making some terrible errors in such dangerous areas of the pitch.

The term going through the motions can best be described in soccer terms as a player on the pitch making up the numbers but not affecting the game. Leadership qualities, desire, teamwork and honesty are easy to produce when all is going well but BEST used when the team are down, momentum is with the opposition and victory is very distant.

I relate most of my life experience to my 6 years spent in the defence force and my time served with the Army in overseas deployment in the special forces. On the Army barracks and in training prior to deployment natural leadership is common amongst the ranks, the soldiers train hard and do everything to the best of their ability taking no shortcuts. They train in a way to deal with situations if they go WRONG with core values like Teamwork, honesty, desire and leadership pinnacle for mission success. When you are bogged down in the trenches, the thought of attacking the opposition may seem daunting but is your only way out of this mess. Suddenly then at that moment the barracks leaders disappear and new leaders emerge. The true leaders who roll their sleeves up, stand up and stare adversity in the face. They know defeat is not an option as it will mean more than just loosing. Defeat will affect many more than just those involved in the battle at that given time.

This is the case moving forward for our Guildford Grammar First XI soccer team. Loosing 5-2 is not just loosing a quick game of soccer to Hale. The players parents supporting them play lost to Hale, the entire Guildford Grammar school that you represented lost to Hale and the coaching staff lost to Hale. So I just ask the next time adversity stares you in the face to take ownership of the outcome of the game. We are now severely bogged down in the trenches but we are not out. We just need some true leaders to guide the men to victory on the pitch when the chips are down. Ask yourself if you were that leader in the game against Hale. You will not succeed in every game of soccer but if you do end up going down, make sure you go down with a fight and remember how many people your performance will affect if you choose the easy way out.

I believe in you guys and I have a never say die attitude so we will work harder on Tuesday and Thursday, use the bye round as some good refection time and then come back the following week and show everyone watching we do have fight left in us and we do not take representing the great school we are for granted!

Garrett McDuling