Match Report
Guildford Grammar School Boys 8B vs  Trinity College
On: Friday, 15 Mar 2019
Venue: at Home

I was very proud of the efforts of the 8B team today who had to manage having 4 extra players than Trinity, who turned up with 6 boys. It meant that some of the boys lower down in the team were required to play up in the top half, against Trinity’s best B players. These boys stepped up to the occasion and played smarter tennis to force mistakes from their opponents. Looking at the scoresheet, there is consistent level of competitiveness from number 1 through to number 8. In particular, Tom at number 2 was the only player to win his singles match and he did so quite convincingly. He managed to target his opponents weakness, being his backhand, making sure to win many free points along the way. With one tough game left, the boys need to make the most of the next 4 sessions of training where we will incorporate some more game-play. It might seem an easy cop out for some of the boys but this is the best opportunity to improve your in game tactics and overall game play. I’m sure the last game of the season will lead to some good results for the team.

3G Award:

Tom Hartland. As mentioned before, Tom was the only one to win his singles match. Every week coming out motivated to win and encouraging his teammates, he sets a great example of what is expected from the team. Not only does he show an interest in his own tennis but also in others. Well done!