Match Report
Guildford Grammar School Boys Middle School B vs  Wesley College
On: Friday, 14 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

Round 9 GGS B vs Wesley B

This Middle School B Team has impressed me a lot. For a bunch of Yr 7-8 boys having no experience of water polo before this term or only one season before this, the boys are really good and have a lot of heart for playing for this school.

Fridays Game against Wesley was definitely a game that we could have won, and if we did that would have been really promising for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately we lost and let Wesley run a way with the win. At half time it was 4-4 and asked the boys to put in 100% and not let Wesley swim past us when they counter, as this was the main reason they were scoring goals on us. This was because we weren't manning up or defending their counter attacks well enough. Unfortunately we let the Wesley keep scoring this way, especially in the 3rd quarter even after what I had said at half time which was disappointing.

Things to work on are:

-Defending counter attacks

-Knowing where our man is

-Play the game (don't expect or wait for the ref to blow his whistle)

-Defend goalside of your player and that the most dangerous player is the one closest to goal, not the one with the ball furthest from goal.

-Stop Watching and start moving! (swim to get on your player or to help your team mate) (Everyone is really bad at this)

-Fitness (more sprints at training)

The whole team really tried on Friday and our offence is really good at times. Goals coming from Cody, Finn, Alex and Aodhan.

Thanks as well with James in goals and Felix doing his part in the defence and always managing to steal the ball.

Cheers fellas,