Match Report
Guildford Grammar School Prep A Team vs  Aquinas College Boys-U12A
On: Thursday, 25 Feb 2021
Venue: Away

Guildford Grammar Prep A vs Aquinas
Thursday 25 Feb 2021

Well done to those who played up in the A's to ensure we had enough players to rotate through to ensure you could have a rest and sub when needed.

There was better game awareness in the pool this week - this will continue to improve as we learn the rules each week at training and games.

We played a very good Aquinas team with many players who have all played water polo before. With more practise and games together, we can improve our swimming and skills and have a closer game vs Aquinas next time we play them. I hope you can now understand why our training in the deep and listening at training is important to help with preparation for Thursday games.

Things we can work on at training include:

I am excited to continue helping you improve at training each Monday. Please ask any questions at any time - I am always happy to help!

Best in pool:

Abby Armstong

Charles Grayson

Tate Enever

Have a great long weekend!

Miss B / Coach Chelsey