Match Report
Guildford Grammar School Boys Middle School A vs  Hale School, Perth
On: Friday, 11 Mar 2022
Venue: Away

Juniors Report (3-0 to Hale).

The first set was played by the year 7s, with some year 8s thrown in the mix. This set showed off some of the better plays from the year 7s, with well placed receives and a few solid serves. However, there was a tendency for the year 7s to lack the energy that the year 8s and 9s have. Which resulted in many missed opportunities.

In the second and third set, the year 8s and 9s had a shot. Despite their best efforts, they still ended up losing those 2 sets to Hale. One positive was the quality of serves, with Michael McCaughy seeing his first set of overarm serves making it over the net (a great milestone to reach). However, the last part of the game was affected by some rushed efforts and poor communication. Which only further influenced the team's ability to receive Hale's solid serves.

MVP: Michael for having solid defense and exceeding an all important milestone.