Action Photos
Guildford Grammar School Senior & Junior Girls - Div 2 vs  Weekly Girls Fixture Inter Squad Games
On: Saturday, 15 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

The division two girls persevered through some light rain showers and played some very entertaining matches. Everyone is working hard to improve serving, court positioning and scoring but the standard overall for such a raw group of tennis players is very pleasing.

In the fixtures Team 1 Mathwin was defeated by team 2 Burman 26 games to 19. Macy and Avannah lead team Burman with convincing victories in the 3 and 4 positions respectively. It was a highlight to hear from Macy "My family will be so surprised how well I'm doing as we are not tennis players at all". Macy wins the 3G award for Division 2. Her infectious positive attitude, desire to run for each shot and get the victory for her team certainly uphold the 3G values of Professional, United and Committed.

In the other fixture Team 3 Grau was defeated by Team 5 Watson 22games to 17. In a number of close matches it was Jolie's 6-1 victory in the #3 position that sealed the victory for team Watson.

All the results are in the scorecard images.